IB_shot_13_17931Roberta Annan is the founding member of Frallain, a charity supporting the empowerment of women within the textile and fashion industry.

RAC aims to help them grow their brands and business by providing them with strategic planning, relationships and resources to thrive in the global market.

The focus is to increase the presence of African and African diaspora talent in the global luxury market by strengthening their brand through our services tailored to their needs. We have a high-profile team with unmatched strategic planning skills combined with valuable relationships and resources in fashion, art, entertainment, business, and media.

Frallain is dedicated to ensuring that our clients thrive in the global luxury market so whether emerging or firmly established, each designer that we work with represents best quality, creativity, and aesthetic; inspiring us in our work.

One such success story is MO SAÏQUE, created by footwear designer, Afua Dabanka.

Find out more about Frallain here.